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New 5 Technology Fails Ever Made in 2016

5 Technology Fails Ever Made in 2016
Ilustrasi - The increasing years, the development of increasingly sophisticated technology also. However, many technologies fail ever made, and it took place in 2016. Indeed yes, so, if there is technology failed in 2016 yesterday?

There Brader . In fact, one of the technology is so famous for its failures. Approximately, what are the technologies that spelled failure? Already there who could have guessed?

5 Technology Fails Ever Made in 2016

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note7
Samsung Galaxy Note7
Well, this one is definitely for the technology you're not familiar, is not it? Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which has the best specifications immediately turned into a bomb. With the explosion of Note 7 everywhere, this proves that the technology in the Galaxy Note 7 was a total failure.

2. GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro Karma Drone
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One of the drones had been a trending topic in 2016 is GoPro Karma Drone . You see the beginning of this drone will be struck. Reportedly, many of which use then said that the drone is like lost control, like a bird shot out of the sky.
Therefore, it deh this drone is not sold anymore and grabbed scathing comments from users who use it.

3. Camera VR 360 

Camera VR 360 failed in 2016
Camera VR 360 

Virtual Reality is one technology that crowded discussed by technology enthusiasts in 2016 yesterday. Now, some camera manufacturers like Nikon and Ricoh Theta already makes the camera 360 for creating VR cool.

But unfortunately, none of which is capable of producing outstanding video quality is nice. In fact, one of the 360 cameras it is also difficult to use. So, it's useless really made that complicated to use, is not it?

4. MacBook Without Slot and iPhone Without Jack Audio

Macbook Without Slot failed in 2016
Macbook Without Slot

I wonder what the thought of Apple when creating his laptops and smartphones. However, in 2016 they released the iPhone 7 that does not have an audio jack and a slot MacBook Pro is made without traditional USB slot or SD card slot though.

Sure, you can buy another like headset Bluetooth or USB adapter-C . But, times have bought expensive, to do simple things like that just have to spend money again. Honestly, though cool but this included a failed technology.

5. Project Ara

Project ARA Failed in 2016
Project ARA Failed in 2016

Ara Project is a project of Google to create a modular smartphone. From the rumors that this gadget will be the first modular smartphone, eh even LG G5 to be the first. Then where Project Ara?

At the beginning of September 2016, Google has confirmed that Project Ara was stopped. In fact, the phone will not be present in the market. Though the concept looks mature, but there was still cool as a failure on the part of Google .

It was her fifth failed technology that is present in the last 2016 years. You can still search for articles about technology more interesting for you to read. You can also find more articles of Jofinno Herian . Share your opinion!

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