Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wacom is ready to announce pens which support both their and Microsoft’s Surface Pen Technology

Windows Inc Exploration
Windows Inc Exploration - At the Significant of 2016, conference Microsoft announced their partnership with Wacom to produce and made Windows Ink capable solutions for the ecosystem. Microsoft said that customers can expect this Windows Ink compatible Wacom pen to be available at retailers like Best Buy this holiday season. This is a new microsoft surface models as released.

Unfortunately it seems Wacom missed that target, but in a press release they reassured users that they are currently putting in the final touches on a new Bamboo Stylus with both Active ES Pen and Microsoft Pen support. And the preblem is looking for a big target in microsoft surface store.

The stylus will offer the broadest compatibility on the Windows market, enabling users to alternate seamlessly between multiple pen-equipped devices with a click and tap into ink applications including Windows Ink.

“As more devices come onto the market equipped with styli and a broadening array of ink solutions emerge, it is vital to stay focused on the customer experience. The new stylus can be used seamlessly across devices, enabling the user to take advantage of digital ink solutions such as Windows Ink,” said Mike Gay, SVP in charge of Wacom’s Consumer Business Unit.

Wacom announced the establishment of the Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. in October 2016, which aims to promote the wide adoption and market development of digital stationery under an open partnership, harnessing the power of digital pens and digital ink, to serve creative minds in the most natural and intuitive way. Since Wacom digital pens will include Microsoft Pen protocol support, they can take advantage of all the Windows Ink features just like the Surface Pen. This will also enable full Windows Ink support on various Windows devices from different OEMs which incorporate Wacom Active Pen technology.
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