Monday, February 6, 2017

4 Simple Steps how to optimize your 3G android Performance

optimize your 3G android Performance
optimize your 3G android Performance
These simple steps can improve the performance of your Android 3G phone, so for those of you who have Android can not support 4G, can try this step. - It's the internet era 4G and for those of you who only have a capacity of 3G gadgets do not get discouraged. Just by following simple steps, you can improve the connection of your 3G gadget. Although it does not increase the speeds to rival 4G connection, but enough to help, you know! Here are the steps:
Download Internet Browser Right

If you are an Android user, Google Chrome is the best choice. If you find a Google Chrome too takes space, Opera Max is your choice. Max Opera browser has a feature for saving memory. Opera Max also has a third-party VPN that can help you save the data in browsing in social media, video and audio. This application also monitors the apps that are running in your gadgets and adjust data usage. There are also alternatives to lighter namely Opera Mini.
Turn off the Image Display in Browser
If you do not really need a picture while browsing, better just turn off the image viewing options. Because without displaying images, the data that is picked will be reduced thus speeding up the loading page. Even if it took a picture, image display setting for small quality because data is loaded also picked shrinking.

Optimize your 3G android Performance with clear cache
optimize your 3G android Performance with clear cache

Cache on the one condition helps you to open a website that has been opened previously, but also a factor that slows down the performance of the gadget. Cache is quite heavy so when opening an application will slow down the performance of gadgets including when browsing the Internet. It is quite common especially for those who are still using older versions of Android. To solve this problem was immediately clear the cache in your gadget. The trick to Phone's Settings and select Application and choose the application to remove its cache. No other alternative is to use an application cache cleaner. It is also quite effective to improve the performance of 3G.

Uninstall Applications that "heavy"
Uninstall heavy Applications

Quite a lot of applications running in the background that takes a lot of resources so as to make your gadget slowly. Some widgets are "too much" try not worn or uninstall it because too takes a lot of memory. And for applications that are rarely or never used, better only because it feared uninstalled in the background taking bandwidth internet access.
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