Thursday, March 2, 2017

MWC 2017: China Mobile, GSMA and Huawei model estimates for the virtualization of network functions

Huawei model - The Mobile China , the GSM Association (GSMA) and Huawei at the Congress MWC-2017 entered into an agreement to develop a valuation model, which will help ensure the reliability of the network functions virtualization (NFV) and will contribute to the growth of the telecommunications industry. The project aims to create a scalable and integrated model, which will allow operators to use an analytical approach to the maintenance of the network. It will eliminate the potential risks of the network and will help to build a network with improved reliability, stability and cooperation.

By using advanced technology can be difficult to detect network failures, which is important for the NFV-networks, this could have a huge impact on the operation of the service. To solve this problem, operators are switching to proactive network maintenance, to eliminate network risks before they impact the user services. Such measures increase the network efficiency and stability.

"The era of 5G will bring a lot of business opportunities and challenges. However, virtualized network should be as robust. The GSM Association (GSMA) is working on the definition of the network requirements and the legalization of the estimated model, including the criteria and standards for virtualization of network functions (NFV), meeting the requirements of operators ", - says Michele Zarr (Michele Zarri), Technical Director of the GSM Association ( GSMA).

"To provide high quality and reliable network - a key principle of China Mobile. The evolution of virtualization technology network features can complicate the construction of new generation networks due to its complexity. Therefore, industry players need to unite and work together to develop an evaluation model to create a more efficient and intelligent service network system ", - Kuhn says Lily (Kong Lily), the head of the project NFV China the Mobile .

«Huawei operates more than 1,500 communications networks around the world, and we are responsible for the reliability and stability of their work. We want to unite the industry players to explore new digital technologies and the joint development of a new model. This will build an intelligent system of proactive network maintenance "in the future - adds Yuntszyun Zhao (Zhao Yongjun), Director General of the International Customer Support division Huawei's .

"By the end of this year and with the support of industry partners, China Mobile, the International Association of GSM operators (GSMA) and, Huawei will present the requirements, evaluation model and guidelines to ensure the reliability of the technology of virtualization of network functions (NFV)», - concludes Gao Xiang (Gao Xiang), director of Huawei units for quality assurance.
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