Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Enable Developer options on Android

How to enable Developer Options on your Android phone

The developer or development options are necessary to access certain advanced configuration features on our mobile device, especially Android.
These options are common on all devices with Android operating system, whether a tablet, smartphone, phablet etc.
Among the functions of the developer, the most popular to be required in any flash or root process, are Debugging USB and from Android 5.0 Lollipop, OEM Unlock .
The first one (USB Debugging) is responsible for allowing and giving way to the exchange of instructions between the mobile device and the computer.
The second most used option among the development options is, Activate the OEM unlock, which frees the bootloader to allow to apply changes in the kernel.

How to enable development options

ATTENTION! We recommend reading the numerous advantages as well as disadvantages (few) leading rootear a mobile device .
The options of the developer, are present in the mobile phones and Android devices of all brands, but most manufacturers, for security, usually hide them in the system.
The following steps will follow common guidelines for activating development options on any mobile device; Samsung, Sony Xperia , Huawei , ZTE , LG , HTC , Intex , Infinix , Lenovo , Xiaomi Ulefone , Motorola , Wiko , Walton etc.
Being an extremely easy process, it is not necessary to take any security or backup measures, as in the case of the bootloader that when released implies the automatic restoration of the operating system.
We just have to access the device settings and scroll down to the option about the phone. Within this option we will see a section with the compilation number of the firmware.
We press seven times on that number, while we do an account with the remaining touches.
When we complete the keystrokes, another warning will inform us that the developer menu has already been activated , or you are already a developer.
From that moment we will be able to see in the settings of the phone, a new icon to enter the development options.
No need to repeat this every time we need to change development options, since they will always be activated until we decide to deactivate them from the menu itself.

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