Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rotate Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N

Tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N with Android operating system 4.4.4 .

In this entry we bring all the necessary steps to rootear Samsung Galaxy S4 in the easiest and most effective way we could find.

Model        : Galaxy S4
Version      : SGH-M919N
OS          :
Android 4.4.4
Processor         : Msm8960
Hardware         : Msm8960

It is always recommended that we back up the Galaxy S4 to keep all our files and applications safe.

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N

  • Before changing anything on the mobile phone, you have to go to the article Steps Previos Root  to prepare our terminal, by means of simple basic adjustments, so that we can roote it without inconvenience.
  • We downloaded the USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S4 from the link we have left.
  • Odin is already built into the first download file.
  • In phone settings ->  About phone and press  seven times where it says  Build number to thereby enable development environment .
  • We go down to the menu of the device and access in the new development options to activate the tabs; Debugging USB and OEM unlocking .
  • We connect the Galaxy S4 mobile phone with the PC using the connector cable for this purpose.
  • Restart the Galaxy S4 in download mode, while pressing the Volume Down + Start + buttons for a few seconds.
  • We release the three buttons when the warning of download mode is displayed on the Galaxy S4 screen.
  • We will have to accept the warning by pressing the volume + button to put our Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N in download mode.

Flashing root to Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N

  • We open ODIN on the computer you will need to recognize, the newly connected Samsung, displaying the ADDED warning in the logs window.
  • Click on AP and a window will open from where we will load the file  CF-Auto-Root-jfltemetropcs-jfltemetropcs-sghm919n.tar.md5 for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is inside the compressed folder that we downloaded.
  • We access the Odin3 application options and check that the Auto Reboot and the F. Reset Time boxes are checked, leaving the others disabled.
  • Press the START button and ODIN3 will begin flashing root to our Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N.
  • During the march of the task we will see in Odin a progress bar that will end once the process is finished. With which we will see a window in Odin with the letters PASS.
  • The Galaxy S4 will reboot with root privileges and we only need to update the SuperSu binaries to complete the process.

End Root and Update SuperSu on SGH-M919N

  • We open the SuperSu App from the screen of our Galaxy S4 and this will warn that we must update the binaries, this we do in  NORMAL mode .
  • Since we have not installed any custom recovery.
Root only valid for the Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N with Android 4.4.4 .

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