Friday, September 22, 2017

Again, Bill Gates Acknowledges The Combination of Ctrl-Alt-Del Is a Mistake

Bill Gates : Ctrl-Alt-Del Is a Mistake
Bill Gates

Windows users must be familiar with the Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination. This combination is commonly used to access the task manager or lock the computer.

Although still used until now, in fact Bill Gates as co-founder of Microsoft never liked it. In a recent interview, he mentions that if he could go back in time, something might have changed from that combination.

"I'm not sure you can go back in time and change little things in your life without endangering anything else.Of course, if I can make a change, I'll make it a one-key operation," he said as quoted by ZDNet on Saturday (23/09/2017 ).

Similar remarks have already been made in 2013. At that time, he revealed the reason behind the use of a combination of three buttons are engineers at IBM who do not want to give Microsoft one button only.

According to Gates, the combination was designed so that other people or other applications can not log in and steal computer passwords. However, he later called the combination is a mistake.

The Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination is designed by IBM engineer David Bradley. In the early 1990s, the key combination was designed to reboot PC.

Bradley also admitted the combination was indeed found by him. However, according to him, Bill Gates is what makes this combination to be famous.

Bradley initially wanted to use the Ctrl + Alt + Esc key, but since all the buttons were on the left side of the keyboard, the user could accidentally reboot the computer. Moreover from the ergonomic side of the finger, pressing the three buttons with one finger is rather difficult.
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