Friday, September 22, 2017

IPhone 8 release in Sydney Market, Who is the First Buyers?

Mazen Kourouche, The First Buyer oh IPhone 8 in Sydney
Mazen Kourouche, The First Buyer oh IPhone 8 in Sydney

Today, Saturday, September 23, 2017, iPhone 8 made its debut in the city of Sydney, Australia. The first buyer of iPhone 8 in Sydney was a man named Mazen Kourouche who had been camped in front of the Apple Store store for 11 days.

"There are not too many new features in this phone (iPhone 8)," said Kourouche as less enthusiastic, as summarized Gadgethemes from The Star, (23/09/2017).

But the consumer's response to Apple's latest phone is apparently less encouraging.

Usually, with the launch of the new iPhone, the Apple Store in Sydney is always crowded with hundreds of potential buyers. Now there are only less than 30 people queuing for iPhone 8 before the store is opened.

"The shape is similar to the iPhone 7, but it can record 4K video at 60 frames per second, its back is also made of glass, not metal that seems tougher," Kourouche added.

In addition to its form that has not changed much compared to the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 also fell in the shadow of the iPhone X (ten) that release simultaneously on 12 September.

Prospective new iPhone buyers allegedly restrain themselves and choose to wait for iPhone X is scheduled to release to the market in November, rather than choosing the iPhone 8.

Impact into Apple shares

The less-than-glowing response to the iPhone 8 was also reflected in Apple's stock price that dropped to a two-month low of $ 152.75 a share on Thursday.

Investors worry that the pre-order number of iPhone 8 is lower than previous iPhone models, due to lack of interest.

The iPhone X brings a variety of new features and design changes that are far more radical than the iPhone 8. iPhone X wrapped in glass and stainless steel material, and has a less bezel screen that almost filled the entire face.
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